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A New Year A New Race Season

Drag Racing

Aloha! Kihei Rent A Car has been teaming with excitement as we gear up for a new season of drag racing. All fingers are crossed for another season as great as last years, taking home around 15 trophies for the season. The first race is always exciting, everyone is ready to run down that 1/4 mile . This year’s racers  will consist of drivers Mat Simons, Ryan Simons, Marj Hunkins, Dustin Solu and Kim Gale. If you are available Friday February 7th or Saturday February 8th  come on down and join us at Maui Raceway Park Located on Mokulele Highway. Gates will open Friday at 3:30pm and racing will begin around 5:30pm, Saturday gates open at 1:30pm with test and tune to follow around 2:30pm and racing around 5:30pm. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for both student as well as seniors and kids 10 & under are free. Hope to see you all there!

Da Racing Trophies

Ryan and Mat show their trophies.

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Kihei Maui’s Family Car Rental Company Knows How to Party

Kihei Rent A Car Staff

Company party 2013


Kihei Rent A Car’s annual employee party was definitely not a bust. It was actually booming.

N That’s Entertainment LLC provided professional tables and dealers for a fun “casino night” party.

It was a warm Kihei evening, perfect for an outdoor party. DJ Dusty played the tunes while everyone ate plenty catered food. When the dealers arrived in their sleeveless tuxedos the party really got hoppin’.

The annual party is a way to thank Kihei Rent A Car’s awesome employees for all of the great work they do year round. This was the first Casino Night. In the past the celebrations have been at many Kihei restaurants and bars, on a sunset cruise off Maalaea Harbor, and at Maui Golf and Sports Park.

It’s one of only three days of the year that this small business closes a little early (3pm instead of 6pm). Everyone gets to kick up their heels a little and have some fun.





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Drag Racer Dave

Drag Racing, Kihei Rent A Car News
Dave Drag Races

Dave, who will be 80 in December, hit the drag strip after being the Kihei Rent A Car Racing Team’s biggest fan for years. Now the Kihei Rent A Car owner has his own fans!


Thirty street class racers showed up to see what drag racing is all about. Most of the racers didn’t have a clue about the rules and strategies involved in drag racing. Dave Hunkins, the owner of Kihei Rent A Car, was one of the thirty. But Dave knew the rules. He knew the strategies too. He did 8 to 10 practice runs before the time trials. He took Marj along on some runs to help coach him on the timing and techniques involved. He was ready and he was HOT. Literally. Since you have to keep the windows up and the air conditioning off (you need all the power you can get) AND you have to wear a helmet and jacket, you get pretty heated inside the drag car. Which in this case was one of Kihei Rent A Car’s 2006 Nissan Sentras. The actual races didn’t start until after 9pm. But since the street class was single elimination those young guys were dropping like flies. Dave made it through round one, then round two, then round  three. Finally, at 12:30am, when most of us had been sleeping for 3 hours already, he started one hundredth of a second too early and “red lighted”.  Out of 30 guys (all under the age of 30) Dave came in 7th! WAY TO GO DAVE! You made us proud!


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There’s Another Wally In The House!

Drag Racing

Mat 2013 Drag Racing State Champion


We are all so proud of the Simons brothers! Two weeks ago Mat won the drag racing state championship and Ryan won the Wally.

The whole Kihei Rent A Car Racing Team has worked very hard this year  keeping the cars running at top speed, participating in every race available, watching what the best racers do to win, and learning from their mistakes.  All of their hard work has really paid off. Two of the most prestigious awards came home with the KRAC Team.  Way to go guys – keep up the good work.


In two weeks look for photos of Dave, the 80 year young owner of Kihei Rent A Car, who will drag race one of our 4 cylinder Nissan Sentras!  He has been to every race for the last few years and now he’s gona try it out! You go Dave!



Ryan’s 2013 Wally



Here are the Kihei Rent A Car Birthdays for the month of September:

Kalai Prones 9-7

Leihua Emeliano  9-27

Dean Kikuyama 9-28

Happy Birthday to all three awesome team members!

We love you and appreciate all that you do.

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Family Fun at Maui’s Family Rental Car Company

Kihei Rent A Car Staff, Maui Car Rentals, Sight Seeing on Maui, Stock Car Racing

July was a blast and August is a celebration!

Here are the Kihei Rent A Car Family birthdays for the month of August!

 August 4th – Corky
August 11th – Marc
August 16th – Lynn
August 16th – Sue

 On August 3rd the stock car racers were at it again!  Those old Nissan Sentras keep on taking a beating and never stop running. The drivers are the same way: never giving up! The Paradise Speedway Park was packed with families coming out to tail gate, barbeque, drink a few beers and watch the non stop action of Maui’s race car drivers slide around the dirt track. Check it out sometime!

circle track family

Many Maui residents go on vacation during the summer months. But where do folks who live on a destination island go for vacation? This summer one of our Kihei Rent A Car families went to Lake Tahoe. The lake is awesome but it’s the hiking that’s nothing like Maui hiking trails. Also, there are squirrels in Lake Tahoe. Many a Maui child has never seen a squirrel!


Some Mauians don’t go to the circle track races or to the mainland. They love to stay home and enjoy the simple things in life here on our beautiful tropical island.


We love Maui!

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