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Drag Racer Dave

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Dave Drag Races

Dave, who will be 80 in December, hit the drag strip after being the Kihei Rent A Car Racing Team’s biggest fan for years. Now the Kihei Rent A Car owner has his own fans!


Thirty street class racers showed up to see what drag racing is all about. Most of the racers didn’t have a clue about the rules and strategies involved in drag racing. Dave Hunkins, the owner of Kihei Rent A Car, was one of the thirty. But Dave knew the rules. He knew the strategies too. He did 8 to 10 practice runs before the time trials. He took Marj along on some runs to help coach him on the timing and techniques involved. He was ready and he was HOT. Literally. Since you have to keep the windows up and the air conditioning off (you need all the power you can get) AND you have to wear a helmet and jacket, you get pretty heated inside the drag car. Which in this case was one of Kihei Rent A Car’s 2006 Nissan Sentras. The actual races didn’t start until after 9pm. But since the street class was single elimination those young guys were dropping like flies. Dave made it through round one, then round two, then round  three. Finally, at 12:30am, when most of us had been sleeping for 3 hours already, he started one hundredth of a second too early and “red lighted”.  Out of 30 guys (all under the age of 30) Dave came in 7th! WAY TO GO DAVE! You made us proud!


Maui Summer Fun

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Sweet, Sweet Summer Time On Maui

Summer is a fun season for our Kihei Rent A Car family here on Maui. So many great events that happen during the summer, from drag and stock car racing to visiting the Leilani Farm Sanctuary and the Enchanting Floral Gardens. Read about our adventures… with more to come since Summer has really only just begun. Happy Summer!


photo credit: Pam Schavrien

Burn, Baby! Burn!!

The Kihei Rent A Car Racing Team hits the drag racing track for one weekend a month. These races go late into the night and are a perfect place for tail-gating and hanging out.

The KRAC Team is made up of:

  • KRAC Mechanic Dean – Pit Crew
  • KRAC Head Mechanic Marj – 11.90 class driver & Pit Crew
  • KRAC Mechanic Mat – 10.90 class driver
  • KRAC Night Manager Ryan – 12.90 class driver
  • KRAC Weekend Mechanic Dustin – 12.90 class driver
  • Dustin’s Girlfriend Kim – Street  Class or Sportsman class 13.0 driver

drag racing car rental maui


Here’s the Maui Drag Racing schedule for more summer fun:

  • July 20, 2013
    Championship & National Dragster Challenge
  • September 21, 2013
  • October 19, 2013
  • November 15 and 16, 2013
    Season Finals


Kihei Rent A Car Racing RULES!

Kihei Rent A Car Racing RULES!

The Circle Track Girl Does it Again! 2nd place is summertime fun for the Kihei Rent A Car Racing Team! Next race is July 6th – head on over to have some fun!


Leilani Farm on Maui

Turtles and rabbits live in harmony together.

For those of you who love animals or have children who love animals this activity is for you! KRAC Bookkeeper Jayne and her daughter took a tour at the Leilani Farm Sanctuary in Haiku. They give the sweetest tours on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10am. Go to their website and email them so they know you are coming: .  Leilani Farm is so clean and cared for. It’s located in Haiku so there is a chance of rain. But it’s warm rain 🙂


Another fun thing to do any season of the year on Maui is the Enchanting Floral Gardens in Kula. This botanical garden is only 35 minutes from Kihei.  Find their website at:

They serve breakfast and lunch and have a little gift shop. Have a bite to eat then wander around the gardens for as longs as you like.  It was a really fun Sunday morning thing to do – and we were the only ones there!!

Amazing plants and flowers to see in every hue.

Amazing plants and flowers to see in every hue.

Cranes at the Enchanting Floral Garden in Maui

Craines with the cranes.

So, hop in your rental car and go check out some of the activities the Kihei Rent A Car folks like to do.

And please don’t hesitate to call us @ 1-800-251-5288 for directions.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Kihei Rent A Car News

On the same day we happily received our old friends who came to our Mahalo Celebration, we happily received our new electric bill. It’s hard to see this picture but the tiny black dot all the way to the right of the bar chart is our new usage. We will joyously pay the $48 due since in the past we have paid $1,200 to $1,400 a month. It’s an amazing feeling to wipe out a monthly bill as big as that and help the environment at the same time. Mahalo for that.


Our new normal. $48 a month electric bill.

Mahalo nui loa also for a great weekend and a great party.  We celebrated our new photovoltaic system, our new vacant lot, and 23 years of business in Kihei. We also celebrated our May and June Birthdays: Sugar 5/13, Mike L. 5/18, Acacia 5/21, Jayne 5/31 and Todd 6/2.These are all people we are so grateful for!

There was a fun circle track race Saturday night after the Mahalo party. Our girls got out there and ripped around the track in their beat up Sentras. Looks like fun!

What a fun way to start a new month! Lots of food, lots of friends and lots of fun.

Rental Car Racing

Rental Car Racing

Remember to tell your friends we are extending our “summer sale” through June. So, our already low prices will be 10% lower. This is the time to try out Kihei Rent A Car if you haven’t already.

And: THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who’s been there for us over the last 23 years. Don’t forget to send your Maui Rental Car story to We hang up nice letters and stories in our break room so all of our awesome employees can read them.

Next time we will post the recipe for Sugar’s yummy, healthy cookies she brought to the Mahalo Celebration!

Mahalo Nui Loa!

Happy 23rd Birthday Kihei’s Maui Car Rental

Kihei Rent A Car News

Only one more week until Kihei Rent A Cars’ Mahalo Celebration!

We are 23 years in business and want everyone to come celebrate with us on Saturday June 1st from 10am to 2pm. Please stop in for some pupus and a cold drink. And of course some good company.

Dave and Sugar Hunkins, the founders of this great family business, will be there to thank you personally for supporting their business. If you need directions please call 1-800-251-5288 or 1-808-879-7257.

This blog post is dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Fiorenza! This beautiful couple has been renting from Kihei Rent A Car for the past 23 years!!! Sadly, this is their last year coming to Maui since traveling is getting too difficult. We will all miss you Mr. and Mrs. Fiorenza! Please stay in touch!

Aloha from Kihei Rent A Cars' long time renters.

Aloha from Kihei Rent A Cars’ longest customers!!

If you or someone you know has been a long time renter like the Fiorenzas send us an email at We would love to hear your Maui car rental stories like the one my friend Pat shared with me…

He and his mom rented a Chevy Sprint from Kihei Rent A Car in the early 1990s. They drove “around the back side” past Hana (even though that’s a no-no Pat! 🙂 When they stopped at the beautiful church near Kaupo Gap the free ranging horse that used to live there paid them a visit. This horse was a beggar. He would put his head in car windows to get treats from tourists. Well, on this day Pat said he and his mom were ready to continue on their way and the horse put it’s two front feet up on the hood of the rental car and stared straight into the front window, begging for a treat! Pat and his mom were shocked. I think he snapped a picture. I would love to see that shot! After Pat made sure the hood was not damaged he and his mom continued on their road trip around the island.


Circle Track Sentras

Kihei Rent A Car News


Marj Stock 4-6-13

KRAC Head Mechanic Marj in her 911 Monster Car

When a car has been totaled by a renter it used to sit on our spare lot for years.  A few parts were used to fix other cars but usually it just sat.  Now our Kihei Rent A Car mechanics/pit crew have put those cars back to work!  Once a month, at Paradise Speedway  racetrack in central Maui, we race those cars on a dirt circle track.

All the glass is removed from the cars, chains put on to hold the doors shut, a hole is cut in the hood so a fire can be easily extinguished if necessary, and a bright coat of spray paint is applied.  Each car gets painted with a theme in mind: Elmo, Driver’s Ed Student, Kitty Cat, Monster Drink, Rasta Car, Tigger the Tiger, Maui Girl, and Starsky and Hutch are just a few cars Kihei Rent A Car Racing has created and raced.

But, at the end of the racing season those cars are put to their final test: a Demolition Derby.  The last car running (barely) wins.  The last two seasons Kihei Rent A Car has won the derby with 1999 Nissan Sentras.  Both women ended up with shiny trophies and sore bodies to prove it. All of the demolished cars end up being crushed at the local scrap metal baseyard.  Thus, the automobile circle of life continues.

Here’s this season’s schedule if you’d like to come out for a fun evening:

May 4th – Saturday Night Race 6:30pm

June 1st – Saturday Night Race 6:30pm

July 6th – Saturday Night Race 6:30pm

August 3rd – Saturday Night Race 6:30pm

September 7th – Saturday Night Race 6:30pm

October 5th – Saturday Night Race 6:30pm

November 2nd – Saturday Night Race 6:00pm
Demolition Derby follows Stock Class Main Events

December 1st – Sunday Race 9am
Rock Crawling Stock Class and Mud Bog Stock Class

*Note that the time trial begin after sunset

*Changes are subject to weather conditions on race day

credit cards accepted